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About us

Welcome to the Pride Justice Resource Center


is about more than just the events and rainbow-themed decorations, Pride is about the affirmation, dignity, and equality of LGBTQ2S+ people. One in five young people in the juvenile justice system identifies as LGBTQ2S+, but often their unique needs are not being met by our systems. The Pride Justice Resource Center endeavors to affirm justice-involved LGBTQ2S+ youth and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect through resources, training, and technical assistance.


A juvenile justice system that meets the unique needs of LGBTQ2S+ youth and ensures that LGBTQ2S+ youth are treated with dignity and respect. 


Improve and strengthen overall outcomes for justice-involved LGBTQ2S+ youth by developing, housing, and promoting resources for professionals and community-based stakeholders involved in the juvenile justice system.