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Quarterly Community Collaboration Call – Justice-Involved LGBTQ2S+ Youth


October 18, 2023    
9:00 am - 10:00 am


Register Here

Greetings and welcome to the Pride Justice Resource Center Community Collaboration Call! Above is the registration for you to participate in the upcoming PJRC Community Collaboration Call.  

The PJRC Community Collaboration Call is a unique opportunity for individuals and teams across the nation to share information, ask questions, and learn about innovative practices that enhance the experience of LGBTQ2S+ youth in the justice system. The call is an open forum to discuss what is working in your community, areas where you need further guidance, and/or to seek support from the community. The call can be a great way for teams to seek solutions in partnership with others working to support justice-involved LGBTQ2S+ youth. Please share this save-the-date announcement with your team members and others leading the work to support justice-involved LGBTQ2S+ youth.  

We are looking forward to learning and giving light to the needs of justice-involved LGBTQ2S+ youth in community with you!  


Upcoming Dates:

October 18, 2023  Introduction to the Community Collaboration Call  
January 17, 2024  Failing Forward in the New Year 
April 17, 2024  Affirming Gender in the Juvenile Justice System  
July 17, 2024  Mental Health and LGBTQ2S+ Youth