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Gender-Affirming Care is Preventative Care

The Lancet, Arjee Javellana Restar

Keywords: Best Practices; Gender-Affirming Care; Gender Non-Conforming Youth; Healthcare; Transgender Youth 

Addressing mental health problems among trans people necessitates an array of both preventative and treatment tools, including the integration of gender-affirming care (GAC) services consisting of high-quality medical, surgical, and mental health services that affirm and align gender goals. Over the years, the benefits of GAC has become apparent, yet beneficiaries remain exclusive, leaving many trans people to wait until eligible for treatment at the cost of worsened outcomes. While there are established treatments available outside of GAC, preventing negative mental health outcomes before they occur requires widening the tools of prevention, and calling in medical, insurer, and policy communities to value GAC in improving mental health for trans people. To address the high prevalence of mental health problems, GAC must be synergized as part of combined preventative mental health care options and strategies.

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Gender-Affirming Care is Preventative Care