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Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ Resources

Tribal Youth Resource Center

Keywords: Best Practices; Child Welfare, Gender Non-Conforming Youth; Intersex Youth; Juvenile Justice; Racial and Ethnic Disparities; Transgender Youth; Tribal Communities; Two-Spirit Youth; Youth Experiences

The Tribal Youth Resource Center is working to bring acceptance, inclusiveness, empathy, compassion, support, and equity for our youth who identify as Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ relatives; with this resources page, we hope to bring understanding and education for those who are working with Native youth in their communities. The page features a video on what it is means to be Two-Sprit, as well as a slideshow of historical Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ figures. Resources on the page are organized into the following topic areas:

1) Resources for Native LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit Youth;

2) Resources for Parents/Caregivers of Questioning Youth or 2SLGBTQ+ Youth;

3) Resources for School Personnel, Educators, or Facilitators Working with Native LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit Youth;

4) Resource for Individuals Working with LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit Youth in the Child Welfare System and/or Juvenile Justice System;

5) Resources for Healthcare Providers of Native 2SLGBTQ+ or Questioning Youth and/or Adults;

6) Resources for Anyone Who Wants to Learn More About Native LGBTQ+, Two-Spirit, and Other LGBTQ+ Identities & Communities;

7) Podcasts, Articles, and Other Resources by Native LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit Youth and/or Adults; and

8) Native LGBTQ+ & Two-Spirit Individuals in the Media.

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Two-Spirit and Native LGBTQ+ Resources